Wednesday, February 22

Number Train 1-10

Purple Group & Green Group

More and Less

Click here to play the game.
Green Group & Red Group

Counting forwards and backwards 1-10

Purple Group, Green Group & Red Group

The number for today is 4 !

Purple Group, Green Group & Red Group

We're Back !

Hi Everyone,
The Junior Crew are back online in 2012!
We have some new groups and you will see lots of changes to the content of our blog.
All of the old favourites will still be in the margins and in the older posts section.
Thanks for visiting us, while we have been busy doing other things.

Sue 8 - )

Number Words Match

Green Group & Red Group

Hop to it - Short Medium and Long

Green Group & Red Group

Welcome to Our Maths Blog

The Junior Crew Kids use this blog to complete in class and home work activities. The links in the left margin are organised to cater for the needs of my class groups.

The post area contains links to maths sites that I use during small group teaching. Click on the picture to access the site.

The area headed 'Explore on Your Own' lists the sites that I use to find the links for my class. It's a great place to look for new resources.